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Monty’s Wallet – Basic Art Needs

In today’s money management post, we will focus more on basic art needs for classes.

If you’ve taken an art class before, you’ll think to yourself, ‘I don’t need any supplies! It’s an ART classroom, where the bins are never empty and the free stuff overflow-eth!’ If you’ve ever taken an art class at Schreiner, your thoughts differ just a tad bit, ‘Mom, Dad! I have four art classes this semester, can you help me take out another loan?’ Now, it’s true, you could spend more on art supplies than textbooks, but that’s if you buy strictly from the on campus bookstore. New to K-town? A little slow on the up-take? Are all your friends English majors? We’re here to help.

Each class has a list of things you’ll need (if your Professor is all-knowing, strategic and follows their course outline to the T) that is usually on the syllabus. Many, many items are on the List, but there’s probably a few that aren’t mentioned. Simply because your Professor might have assumed, that you, being an art student, have a personal craft store tucked neatly under your bed.

The List (capitalised out of respect for its power) usually includes paint, brushes, pencils, sketchbooks, etc.

At the bookstore, you will find all of these (The Schreiner Bookstore is pretty darn good at getting the List, from every Professor they can, and ordering said listed items) but you must be careful because they might (always) run out, often before the semester even starts, and it takes a while to get more of these supplies. They are also somewhat expensive for what you get (you pay for the paint and the convenience of finding Cadmium Yellow Medium in the ‘recommended’ brand in between classes), but it isn’t a bad place to go if you’re in desperate need. If your concern is about spending less money on paint and more about being able to finally get your hands on that Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the Lion’s Den, you’ve been eyeing since you ran out of Munch Money two weeks ago (Don’t try to deny it, I’ve seen you do it) then you should listen up!

  • One of the best places to go for your basic art needs is Hometown Crafts on Highway 27, in the River Oaks strip center across from the Kerrville City Hall. They have everything you need and you’re guaranteed to have it all at a lower price.
  • Another place to shop is Gibsons. It is located right before the Mamacita’s on Main Street. It’s a general store so they might not have all of the supplies you’re looking for but if they have it, you’re almost always guaranteed cheaper than the bookstore.

Give these places a try and tell us what you think. They should help save you a buck or two (and get you that sandwich). Keep checking back here at Monty’s Wallet (New tips and tricks to save you cash-money posted every Tuesday) and maybe, one day, you could actually have a personal craft store tucked neatly under your bed.



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My name is Cheyne (Shane) and I am a Graphic Design major at Schreiner University. I am a fairly new blogger so it will take some time to get used to it. I am on the Men's Golf Team at Schreiner. I love to design stuff that has to do with golf, whether it be logos or photographs.

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