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Animatus: Get Inspired-Giraffes!

Here’s a fun exercise to get those creative juices flowing!

You’ve probably played around with blind contour drawings. If not, a blind contour drawing is simply where you draw an image using one line, but not looking at your paper. And yes, it is as hard as it sounds. It’s a great way to work on hand-eye coordination. These are by no means meant to be masterpieces, most of the time they turn out quite comical.

The subject for this blind contour will be giraffes. Find a few pictures of giraffes from the internet, try to get a good variety of poses, close-ups, full body shots. Look only at the picture of the giraffe as you draw. Try and move the pencil with the lines that your eye follows on the giraffe. Notice the bumps and curves. Do many different pictures of giraffes.

If you need to move your pencil to start an internal feature, or if you just get stuck, you can glance down at your paper, but don’t move your pencil while looking at it.

This exercise really makes you see a lot of details that may have been “invisible” to you before. Do more contour drawings of other animals to help yourself develop an eye for small detail, small details really play a mighty big role in any aspect of design.


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