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Animatus: Get Inspired- Places of inspiration

Sometimes, after being stuck staring at a blank page or computer screen, a nauseous feeling can come over you. Take a break! Get away from wherever you are! You have no ideas in your head and you need to go find inspiration!

Of course, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, but if you’re just not quite sure where to go, here are some suggestions.

The mall is a really great place to go and find inspiration. Not only are there a variety of advertisements and other marketing material that you can draw inspiration from, but observing other areas of visual interest, like window displays, can help create ideas for your own work. Do a little “window shopping” and find displays that you find the most appealing. What about the display makes it work? The color? The composition? Do both aspects play off of each other for an eye catching piece? Look at different kinds of stores. What kind of feeling does the store want you to experience when you walk past it? A store like Forever 21 will have a much different feeling than a store like Spencer’s. How is the mood of the store conveyed? What shapes and colors are used to set the tone of their displays? The little aisle carts where people are always trying to get you to try something can also be inspiring. How is their display set up? Does it look cluttered, do they have their merchandise displayed in any particular way? Does just looking at it make you want to buy something, and if so, why?

Don’t let amusement parks be just a nice distraction from your work, let them influence it too! There are so many color and shapes and attractions to stimulate the senses. What makes a ride attractive? Aside from the intensity of the ride, what draws you to want to go on it? Is it brightly colored, are there fun details added to it that make it more appealing? Maybe the you find the little details tacky or cliche. What kind of shapes do the roller coasters form that you find interesting? Again, look at vendors. What makes you want to buy their product or try their game? Don’t let them just suck up your money, take away ideas for free.

Botanical gardens. Need I say more?

And the zoo. Inspiration is really all about observation. Shapes and colors of animals, plants, exhibits can be interpreted and adapted to fit into you designs.

These are just a few of the countless places where you can go to clear your head while at the same time gaining ideas. They’re fun and allow you to de-stress, but still keep you on track when trying to find inspiration.


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