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Save Money on Binding – Monty’s Wallet

At the end of the year, some Professors will give you a project where you must bind all of your work, notes, and comments all into what is sometimes called a ‘Process Journal’. I know for our Multimedia class we have to do one of these (guaranteed if you have any class taught by Professor Campbell) so in this edition of Monty’s Wallet, we will briefly discuss the tips to save money on doing so. There are many methods, all of which are special in their own way, the biggest difference is cost.

  • Binding can include additional steps such as hole-punching, scoring, folding, collating, stitching, gluing, and trimming — the more steps involved, the greater the cost. Where possible, choose a binding method that reduces the need for extra finish steps.
  • If your binding requires a special type of fold that your Printer’s folding machine can’t handle, hand-folding is necessary and adds to the cost. Talk to your Printer (The Human, not the Machine) about what types of standard folds they can handle and design accordingly.
  • Less durable binding options include:  saddle-stitching for booklets and perfect binding for books, which are less costly than thermal, wire, or case bound methods.
  • Covers, whether bindings are glued or stitched, have soft or hard backing, will add to the final costs.

Here’s a list of Binding Methods (order: $$$->$)

Case Binding: Also called edition binding, it is the most expensive option yet also the most durable. Most commonly seen in Dictionaries and the really expensive textbooks.
Perfect Binding: Perfect-bound books are less durable than case bound books but are significantly cheaper. Think paperback novels and magazines.
Comb, Coil, Wire Binding: You’ve seen this before. It’s Everywhere. Notebooks, sketchpads, cookbooks, manuals…EVERYWHERE. Double-o-wire (fanciest and most expensive of loose sheet binding aka Coil Bind), GBC (Pages held together by plastic comb, used for things like cookbooks or other things that don’t have to be pretty, this method is snobby Middle Class at best) Spiral Binding ( Can you hand me the spiral that’s on that desk, sir?  It’s the cheapest but it’s not high-class but it’s not white trash either).
Thermal Binding: Sturdy, neat and most often used to bind portfolios, dissertations, and the like.
Stitched Binding: ‘Saddle Stitching’ <80 pages, side-stitched/stapled >80 pages. Examples include calendars, pocket address books or smaller magazines. Basically, things that almost always end up losing a page or two from rough use and appear in the waiting room of Any-Dang-Place. You could also bust out the needle and thread and actually SEW your book. As long as it isn’t excessively thick. Think about getting a heavy duty needle or being smart and hole punching first.
Ring Binding: Probably the cheapest option here. DO NOT USE A 3 RING BINDER. I know that’s not okay. This is reference to inserting individual rings into holes punched along the side. NO BINDER.

Hopefully these tips will help you save money but don’t let price affect your grade. Spending some money in order to produce a good binding might boost your GPA. There’s all sorts of info on Binding, FOLDING TECHNIQUES, and many more binding joy that I haven’t listed/explained (Also there’s a really, really large Wikipedia page on the History of Book Binding. Dead Serious.) Here are some local Print Shops, Have fun kiddos:

  • The UPS Store…317 Sidney Baker Street South #400, Kerrville, TX…(830) 895-5400 ‎ ·
  • Herring Printing Company…615 Water Street, Kerrville, TX…(830) 257-7242 ‎ ·
  • OfficeMax – Kerrville…307 Sidney Baker Street South, Kerrville, TX…(830) 257-0088 ‎ ·
  • So Fast Printing…229 Schreiner Street, Kerrville, TX…(830) 257-410
  • Mail & More Etc…218 Quinlan Street, Kerrville, TX…(830) 257-2744

Basically, there are Options People! Be sure to ask about BINDING, these are local Print Shops that may or may not be able to facilitate ya’ll. I’m giving you some ammo but you gotta shoot that gun. You know what they say about fishing….

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach the man how to Fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”


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