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Sleep Deprived? – Studying Habits

“Recorded Lectures” by Dayna

Let’s face it: often we have all the good intentions to listen to those lectures we recorded in class. Recording them to re-listen to later was the best idea in the world because we didn’t have to worry about missing anything or accidentally dozing off in class. But when it comes down to studying… do you really feel like spending your afternoon staring at a wall with your professor’s voice oozing through the headphones when you didn’t even want to hear it the first time? The situation sounds extremely painful.

A solution to your pain could be multi-tasking! Even something as simple as jogging around the campus while listening to these boring lectures is a solution. Not only are you studying, but you’re also getting in your morning exercise. It’s not quite as hard to pay attention to the lectures if your body is moving and you don’t have the opportunity to fall asleep. Even if you aren’t hanging on to every single word, you are hearing the information over and over and are more likely to have it come back to you during a test. Depending on the amount of times you listen to a lecture, the repetition also drills the information into your head. Sometimes you catch things you didn’t get the first time you heard it. And it’s not quite as tedious listening to a lecture if you’re doing something else like working out or cleaning your room. That way even if you feel like you got anything from listening to the lecture, you at least have a nice tidy dorm.

“Beating the Circadian Rhythm” by Sean

As a college student nothing is worse than that feeling of something due the next morning and nothing on the project is done. Luckily, as a successful college student you have learned the cunning skills of “BS-ing”. But what you need right now is time! No choice but to pull an “all-nighter”.

Friendly Tips:

1. Whether you are studying for a test or completing a project, ALWAYS try and do the most difficult, frustrating, and time consuming things first so you won’t be burned out when you get to them.

2. Stay away from caffeine, especially as you get later into the night. Caffeine will only make you jittery and anxious, and more than likely it will only give you a quick buzz with a hard crash. Instead try to drink something like COCONUT MILK or GATORADE; these do not contain fats, which would take longer for your body to break down. Fats will also use what little oxygen you have in your digestive track rather than your circularity system, thus making you sleepier.

3. Get up and move as often as possible. If you’ve been sitting for longer than 30 minutes you’ve already lost about 1/3 of your blood flow. All of your sitting has led to blood pooling in your legs. Get up and move! Do anything you can OUTSIDE: stairs, walking in circles, jumping jacks, anything to pump your heart back up and get oxygen back to your brain. If you must sit for hours on end try and keep your legs as warm as possible. Use a heating blanket or heating pads, as this will increase circulation in your legs by relaxing the muscles for blood to move through.

Remember, the easiest way to beat the Circadian Rhythm is with help. Get some people to help you stay awake as you cram. More than likely there are several other people around campus who are in your shoes too.

“Study Groups” by Heaven

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you’re left to your own your mind wanders and then next thing you know, there’s only  a couple short hours to get ready for that big test. To avoid this, try setting up a group of people from your class to help you study. As long as you choose the right people, you can all help each other stay on track. This also helps when you feel that you have missed or don’t understand something from class. Some one from the group might have decided that a certain point was important or caught something that you had missed even though you paid attention that day.

Make sure you don’t just pick your friends from the class, this can lead to no work getting done. Do not rely on everyone else to bring their notes and/or textbooks. Do this enough and no one will want to study with you. Don’t surround yourselves with distractions, but bring food or drinks and maybe music. Even in a group, it’s impossible to concentrate for hours on end, give yourselves a short break.


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