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Adobe Bargains – Monty’s Wallet

DISCOUNTS?!  A No-Brainer for College Bound Brains

Are you a student? I hope so, I’m not saying anything about how you’re spending your time if you’re not…BUT this is a blog targeted at the broke College Kid. Are you a Teacher or Professor? Running an Institution of Any-Kind of Learning? This week, everyone gets a little love. Unless, you didn’t nod yes to any of the aforementioned questions…then you should probably leave…

Now if you think I’m crazy and that you being YOU have every right to read this, carry on. But, my wayward son, what Monty’s Wallet is packing today carries a little qualifier. Now, I’m all for equal-this and equal-that business but We Who Sit Behind This Keyboard feel a little empathy towards our quarter-hoarding kind…and a little sympathy (which is different from empathy and if you’re fuzzy on the difference maybe you should google it) for the ones who try and teach us something useful (and now that we’re paying for it, that crazy idea might just work).

Don’t worry, if you’re not eligible for this week’s wisdom, tune in next week and we’ll aim for a more one-for-all and all-for-one (Does that saying apply? Yes, simply because the Three Muskateers are never, NEVER wrong) bargain.

(here’s a link to see that it’s just not up to me –>

Do you believe owning some Adobe Software is a way out of your budget’s reach? Spending all your time in the Mac Lab or Library instead of in the comfort of your natural habitat? Well, If this is the case, we have some talking to do.

So, Adobe is THE software for the up and coming Graphic Designer. It’s pretty much received as the best of the best… Which explains the incredibly high pricing. For the Design Standard Creative Suite 6 (There are a ton of copyright signs all over the page. I may just be seeing spots.) goes for $1,299 at full retail price. This little package comes with Illustrator, Indesign and Acrobat XI Pro STE (I feel like I should know what that means) and that’s all. To give you a glimmer of hope, the Student and Teacher Editions Price is: $349!

There’s a whole chart, namely the Education Buying Guide, with all sorts of glimmering bits of hope like the example I just gave. Now, I know you’re just about sick of hearing (seeing? reading? sensing?) me blather on and on so I’ll leave you with a piece of advice and a piece of the web (via the link below).

Advice: Now I know these demon dollar signs are still daunting, but there are some darn good deals on here. The best one for you might vary on what your preferences are, what type of degree you may be striving for, or the kind of classes you may be teaching. Basically, all that should be taken into consideration, but my advice (Glad you hung in there, I tend to ramble) is to go for the Creative Cloud. Usually, $50 a month, they offer it at $30 regularly for those involved in Education. THERE”S A SPECIAL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. AS WE SPEAK. Attention fully grabbed, as I was saying if you sign up before NOVEMBER 4th, 2012 the price is only $19.99 for the first 12 months of membership. You get everything Adobe can come up with AND it will automatically update your software through the Cloud, with magic.

Link: Proof that such glory exists, I’m doing all the handwork for you and dropping you right on the Education Buying Guide Page. All you have to do is CLICK…and I guess pay the bill that comes later.


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