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Animatus: Get Inspired – Halloween Costumes

Now that Halloween is over, everyone is posting their costumes on their Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter… you get the idea. Don’t just browse through them mindlessly, there can actually be inspiration found in other’s costumes. You can look for interesting shapes in their costume, see how they used color to enhance their costume’s look, and see what accessories went with their costume to make it look more realistic. The elements of shape (as seen in the picture of the witch below), uses sharp lines to give her a more fierce appearance. The witch used a contrast of a light neon green with a dull blue highlighted with white to emphasize the definitions on her face. The girl in the bottom photo used a very dark, non-reflective black makeup to hide her mouths facial features and make the white teeth she drew on stand out. Her use of  her blue hair with turquoise eyes makes her costume more vibrant. The sharp teeth are complemented by the sharpness of the contacts she is wearing as well as the sharp point created in the inner corner of her eyes to give her costume more of an edgy look. How could you incorporate these styles into a composition of your own?


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