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Look What We Can Do – 3-D Design

In Intro to 3-D Design, students have finished a set of projects that demonstrate the elements of line and visual texture. Professor Marcia McCulley sent the students out with the project details and also with some insight on what they need to accomplish in the project. The students came back with some outstanding projects. Below are pictures of students work.

The first picture is Kendra Jones’ project, the second picture is Kelley Kachnik’s project and the third is Kira Phillips project. All three are really effective in line and visual texture.


About cakendall

My name is Cheyne (Shane) and I am a Graphic Design major at Schreiner University. I am a fairly new blogger so it will take some time to get used to it. I am on the Men's Golf Team at Schreiner. I love to design stuff that has to do with golf, whether it be logos or photographs.

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