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Sleep Deprived? – Morning Routine

“Rise and Shine Ladies!” by Betty


If there’s one thing that despise about being a college student is getting ready for morning classes! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, and I’m sure you’re guilty of snoozing your alarm about three times. If only we were guys, I mean look at how lucky they are, they wake up with their looking the same it did before bed and all they do is chow down on some food and then out the door!! What is it about girls that makes it so complicated, maybe it’s because most girls care about their appearance. If you’re the type of girl that happens to takes five minutes to get ready then you can just give yourself a pat on the back for awesomeness!!! If you’re like most girls who wish time slowed down to get ready the way you want, then you should read and follow this morning routine because, after all time does not slow down for us. This routine is simple and easy, it’ll get you to not only be ready faster but also provides you energy to have throughout your day. So pay attention ladies…

Prepare the the night before!

The night before is crucial to minimize your morning to-do’s. You’ll be surprised how much time you can save in the morning by doing things the night before. Instead of showering in the morning you could shower the night before. If you’re the type that can’t go out without flat ironing your hair then take this step to your advantage. When you shower the night because you don’t have to go through the anxiety of getting your hair to dry and then having to still style it.

I saw a video on some cute and quick hairstyles to do for school, maybe it’ll help you out:

You should also pick out your clothes and lay them out the night before. It’s much easier than doing all that in the morning plus it give you time to actually plan out a cute outfit. In addition to laying out your clothes you should go ahead and  pack all you need for your classes, because you don’t want to rush so much in the morning and then discover you forgot your calculator for algebra! Doing all this is a great way to start the day, because you know everything that makes you aggravated would already be completed by the time your alarm goes off. With this extra time you should be able to squeeze in a good breakfast, when was the last time you’ve done that?

Get your beauty sleep!

Don’t feel like a zombie by noon! Know the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleep at least 7-9 hours according to most health websites. I know it seems more fun to just stay up with friends, keeping up with all your favorite TV shows, or maybe up texting and calling that special someone. All that stuff is great but it kicks your butt the morning after. Try this out and notice how it’s not needed to press that snooze button. Give your body the rest it needs so that when you finally wake up, you’re ready to take on the day.

Putting on your face?


Do you really need that makeup? Ask yourself really, do you?…surveys say boys are more attracted to girls with a natural look. You’re beautiful as it is so skip out on foundation and all that eye makeup. You don’t need to cut off makeup entirely but how about in the morning you just cleanse your face with your awesome face wash, apply moisturizer, put on a tab of lip gloss and a little eyeliner if you want and presto! Not only are you saving time but you’re also looking more clean and natural. Your skin also benefits from this, it give your skin a break from that coat of face makeup.

Eat Up


How often did your parents nag at you to eat breakfast growing up? Well don’t let that die over now that you live in your dorm. Remember breakfast is important! Take time to eat breakfast, it’ll give you that extra boost to carry before lunch. Look at “Managing Breakfast” by Sean, if you need ideas on what to eat. You should also take a bottle of water to class, it’s good for you to drink water throughout the day, you could also take a granola bar to eat between classes. Give your body the fuel it needs so you can do all you need done with a happy stomach.

That’s all I got for you. Try this out and see what difference this makes for you ladies.

“Managing Breakfast” by Sean

All over the world there are campuses with college students who were ill prepared for the morning. And in their efforts to get to class on time they cut out one of the more time consuming tasks; breakfast. This was probably one of the worst things a college student could do for their bodies. Eating breakfast is more important to your body than that 30 minute shower which was probably mostly you standing there yawning.
So if you in a rush to get to your first class, cut down on the shower, let your hair air dry, wear something comfortable to run in and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST! Statistically those who skip breakfast tend to weight more than those who eat a balanced breakfast. This happens because once your body has a chance to eat at lunch or supper your body over gorges and turns your food into fat quickly to prepare itself for a scarcity of food. So eat breakfast even if it is a dry piece of toast it is better than an empty stomach.

There are 3 different types of breakfasts you should know about to prepare for your upcoming day.

  1. Power Breakfast – Protein Centered – Better for running around campus and working out early in the mornings
    If you know you are going to have a long day running from class to class or have an intense workout first thing in the morning, the better choice for your body would be to give it proteins. Things like eggs, oatmeal, almonds, spinach, and low fat meats such as fish. It will take long for you body to break them down and give you a steady amount of energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Simple Breakfast – Complex & Simple Carbs – Better for your every lecture hall class days
    For the every day breakfast like sitting in classes and trying to stay awake during a lecture try to stay away from foods like turkey, pork, and aged cheese (these contain more L-Tryptophan and cause a reduction in blood flow and relax the muscles). For this kind of breakfast try buttered toast, cereal, oatmeal, and fresh fruits.
  3. Focus Breakfast – Complex Carbs – Better for sustained hours of sitting and reading or focusing
    For those days that all you have to do is study for the next hellish exam. Now what you need is to sty awake long enough to read over the material for the 10th time. Sure it would be easier to stay on a sugar high with simple carbs but you need complex carbs. These are easier for you body to handle these kinds of foods and thus giving your brain more blood and oxygen that would be wasted with processing simple carbs. Simple carbs are things like whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and legumes (beans).

“Starting Your Day Off Right” by Hannah

A great way to start your day off right is to wake up at the crack of early (whenever works best for your schedule) and work out. Because working out gives you more energy, which will help you throughout the day. Although, if you are not in the routine of working out, you will be tired for a while and sore until you get your body back in the swing of things! So, remember to start out slow, and gradually build up as your endurance improves.

After working out it is probably a good idea to take a shower and get dressed for the day! Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get ready and do anything else, you might need to do before your classes. It would also, probably be wise to eat something nutritious for breakfast. And then be on your merry way to class and everything else you must do during the day.


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