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Look What We Can Do: Senior Edition

The Communication Design has many requirements that are need to be fulfilled before we are able to graduate from the major and Schreiner University and before we are able to take the next step from college to the rest of our lives. Other than needing to fulfill the specific classes needed, at the end our our major’s career, we need to do three major things that are crucial for graduating: a these paper, an internship, and a senior art show. The senior art show is what we are writing about this time and every time there is a senior art show, there will be coverage from it because in the department, it is a very big deal for seniors to be able to put on. These shows allow for students within the major who are not able to graduate quite just yet to be able to learn from the seniors, and it may even inspire other designers to push themselves to be their very best. These shows are also advertised in the community and to potential clients so they might drop in and see how far the designer can truly push themselves. What I’m trying to say is that this is kind of a big deal in the department, and normally several seniors will have a show at the same time, and usually the different topics with somehow coincide/have an extreme relevancy to one another.

Shows are set up in both the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester, and depending on how many seniors there are within the semester and how they are broken up depends on how many shows there are in a semester. These shows are set up and put on as if it were an art show that one would see in a gallery and they have a small reception at the senior show on the opening night of the show. Professors come out to the show, family comes in support of the students, and student are highly encouraged to attend the shows.

Anyway, the first of the shows have taken place in the semester and they were the shows of Lauren Miller, and Shannah Kunze.

Shannah Kunze’s art show was called “Ideal Perfection” and the show was a combination of how Adobe Photoshop is used to edit everyone in magazines and media and also the importance of loving one’s self. Here are a few pieces from her show:

Here is the artist posing with her favorite piece. When I spoke to her and asked why it was that she chose the piece she chose, she stated “I wanted to write on the social media and how no matter what, and no matter how hard you try, no one is perfect. I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that there is so much in the world that is photoshopped.”

Next we have Lauren Miller. Her show was titled “Musicology”. Here is a picture from her favorite piece within the show:

The designer couldn’t decide which was her favorite so she just stood in between her two favorite pieces. When I asked her why she chose the subject she chose for the show, she said,” Before I went through the thesis process, a lot of my friends who were going through the process told me to pick something I absolutely loved, and I love music…I then decided that I should go into the effect that music has on the body and the reactions that the body has, hence Musicology.”

Here are several pictures from the show that evening:

These four are pieces from her show. The first piece is a mirror with a typographic piece behind it that has all of the thoughts that normally would run through someone’s mind in the morning. We as humans are never completely or truly happy with ourselves – there is always one thing that we wish we could change about ourselves, and not only that, but even in the spotlight, there is always something that the media will want to change about you, no matter how beautiful or naturally skinny you are, and that’s what the artist is trying to get at.

The other images are from Lauren’s “Musicology” show, and the photography feature in the pictures were all printed on canvas, giving her pieces more texture. Her guitar shows the process that music gets to before it reaches the brain.

That’s it for now! Next Tuesday will be the next show featuring the work of Jake Ames and Mike Anderson, and there will be a post on that!


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