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Monty’s Wallet: Best Way to Buy Books

The best way to buy books? There really isn’t a choice that’s better than all others. It all comes down to personal opinion. We can, however, make a few suggestions.

The University Bookstore is always a great choice. The books may be expensive, but at least you know you can get a small portion back when they’re returned. Although it’s usually not very much, every penny adds up and could be used elsewhere! If you buy books online you’re not likely to get anything back for them. Instead you’re stuck with another set of textbooks at the end of the semester that will merely end up sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Then again, there is always the option of turning around and attempting to sell them via Ebay.

Online bookstores and textbook sites are always an option. Often you can find amazing deals on used textbooks that save you lots of money. One of the problems with online sites, however, is the issue of reliability. It’s hard to tell from reviews alone whether or not to trust certain sites. Problems could arise with shipping, or the providers themselves can potentially fall through and fail to deliver. In that case you may find yourself rushing to find your books elsewhere at the last minute or not having them by the time classes start. The site that seems to be the most reliable is Amazon. The down side is that I’ve often found there isn’t enough of a price difference between Amazon and the University Bookstore to make a big difference, especially due to shipping costs.

Finally, one last bit of advice that could potentially be a major money saver is to trade your textbooks with other students! Find friends who have already taken classes you still need, and trade that particular book for a class they have yet to take as well. This way both of you were saved the cost of buying new books, and even if they weren’t quite the same dollar value you still more than likely saved much more than you would have gotten back for returning it to the bookstore.


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The phrase 'Carpe Diem' could easily sum up my views on life. Sleep is an unwanted necessity and there is always something to do! My passions include getting lost in fantasy novels, living in the made-up lives of my characters as I write stories, and working on random artsy projects. I absolutely love nature and if I was to be thrust into some past time period I would probably be among the romantics talked about in literature. Although planning is always a plus, I tend to let the wind blow me wherever it will. Hence the name 'blithe spirit'. I try not to let life get me down, although I have my moments as everyone does, and I try not to get bogged down with the fact that I have no idea whatsoever what I want to do with my life. My plan is to dabble in different areas of interest and hopefully one day I will have that 'AHA!' moment i've been waiting for. But until then...

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