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Animatus: Get Inspired – Skateboard and Longboard Grip Tape Design

Skateboards and longboards are all unique, meaning each person that owns either one has designed theirs in their own unique way. There are so many boards out there, it is almost like a never ending supply of ideas. The picture above contains a few ideas that can jumpstart your own designs. Your design does not even have to be for a skateboard, skateboards by themselves, are a great source of unique designs that can not be found anywhere else. The picture below is a design that I, Cullen, personally designed for my board. I was inspired to design my own board because I want mine to be unique. I like pandas, and bamboo can usually be found with pandas, so why not put both together. I used red and black because they contrast very well together. If you own your own board be creative and just have fun with a design, and if not let the board designs inspire you.






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This entry was posted on 11/15/2012 by in Inspiration.
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