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Animatus: Get Inspired- Childhood artwork

It’s safe to assume that since you’re in the design field, you drew a lot as a kid. Creativity starts at a young age. And 90% of the time your mom will have saved your old drawings as they collect dust in a closet somewhere. Why not dust off those drawings and go back and look at what was going through you mind as a little kid? Maybe you were onto something brilliant. As a child, you didn’t care what people thought of your drawing, you drew for yourself and did what you liked, and loved what you did. Don’t expect masterpieces from your old work (unless you were a child prodigy, of course) but even the work of your little untrained eye can spark some creativity for something you’re working on now. Make it a challenge! Find something, ANYTHING from your childhood drawings and try to put a little bit of it into one of your designs. Refine it, make it modern, make it marketable, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work, designers.”


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This entry was posted on 11/20/2012 by in Inspiration.
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