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Monty’s Wallet: Dumpster Dive No More!



Now, most of us artsy, types are pretty particular about the aesthetic items we surround ourselves with. Form, function and fashion are some key necessities to the left-brained of humanity and sometimes retail and the like are just too expensive or lacking in the odd bits we are questing for. I say odd because, honestly guys we tend to like odd things (and people). So today I bequeath to you three cheaper alternatives to your shopping woes, whether you want a true vintage jacket, a folk artsy end table or a some bit of something or other that would inspire you to complete your next project. Unlike a somewhat ridiculous popular belief, resale doesn’t necessarily negate clean or new. Often times, the best odd buy comes from these places. Even if you’ve never shopped there before I’ll give you a few good reasons to stop by at least one on my list. Kerrville has three quality resale shops (and they don’t just sell clothing) that might meet your needs. Support your local community, Mountaineers!

These fabulously affordable resale shops offer you an alternative to buying corporate, expensive or your Grandma’s thrift store. Check out their web pages and stop by, each of these stores are involved in helping the community in some way, so not only are you packing your beat up/nintendo wallet with some extra cash but your packing your cosmic karma wallet too.

Clean with a varied selection of clothes furniture (for home or dorm) or the must-have knick knack, on a college kid’s budget.


ReRuns Resale

515 Hays Street  Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 257-7114

Finds Resale

Store Hours:  10:00 – 5:00 Monday – Saturday

516 Quinlin

Kerrville, TX  78028

Finds on a hanger

Store Hours:  10:00 – 5:00 Tuesday – Saturday



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