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Sleep Deprived? – How To Waste Time

This week our writers will discuss the importance of wasting time.  How important it is to waste your time effectively and what to do within that time to maximize your time wasting abilities.

“Car Pranks” by Sean
Pranking is the most beneficial way to waste your own time. From Seran wrapping to sticking 1,000 sticky notes over your friend’s cars it is a worth wild investment of your wasted time, and if you get to see their reaction it will be priceless.
Here are a few websites to help you start wasting time:

Poor Time Management by Hannah

When it comes to time management I am definitely not the best at it. I stay up too late, I don’t get enough sleep, but I do usually end up having fun with friends, and I do get all my work done. Some of the reasons I stay up later are because I tend to work better at night, and can usually get more work done. I also get distracted by tumblr and friends, we usually end up looking at videos on YouTube or go to the store at odd hours. We have ended up at Wal-Mart on several occasions and just go through the toy section and play with the random stuff they have out. One night last year we were playing around in the toy section and my roommate was playing with a scooter when some random man just took it away from her. We weren’t even sure if he worked there! It was a very fun night!

Shopping!! by Betty

How to waste time? I’m actually an expert at wasting time whether it’s by watching youtube videos or playing video games, wasting time is easy for me. Now my favorite way to waste time is shopping, if you don’t have money that’s all right because there’s this thing called window shopping!! I love going shopping when I get bored, I can spend my whole day looking around in stores. Like just the other day I was at a crafting store, just looking around all the neat stuff they had. So if you want to waste your time go shopping! If you’re bad at money management then go ahead and leave your credit card at home, I wouldn’t want you crying the next day.

Another way I love to waste time is with my boyfriend! Sometimes it’s fun to be kids again, and what better way to do that than making your own blanket fort/tent. I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it at some point. You can fun have doing it with friends as well. It makes an awesome sleepover indoors. What we did was we grabbed a lot of covers and chairs and constructed a fort of our own. Then we grabbed a bowl of popcorn and connected our old VHS and enjoyed our childhood movies! I had so much fun and it made a memorable night. Next time we plan on making it a little more romantic by also hanging up decoration lights, so it’ll look a little like this:


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