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Look What We Can Do – Principles of Drawing

In Principles of Drawing, students are done with a Pen and Ink project. The purpose of this project is exactly what it seems, and that is to produce a image out of pen and ink. They have the ability to use different tones of the ink and a pen to imply more detail to their work. Below are some of the students work that are displayed up in the studio. Each one produces a good image and displays great technique of the use of pen and ink.

The students are now working on their final projects where they can draw anything they want using any of the techniques they learned in class. Hopefully some of their art will be put up, and maybe we can put it on the blog for everyone else to view.


About cakendall

My name is Cheyne (Shane) and I am a Graphic Design major at Schreiner University. I am a fairly new blogger so it will take some time to get used to it. I am on the Men's Golf Team at Schreiner. I love to design stuff that has to do with golf, whether it be logos or photographs.

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