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Inspirational: Colorful Artists

For this week’s Inspirational section we’ll be introducing some very colorful artists who have made a reputation for being the splash of color in a grey world. We have three artists today, a watercolor artist and graphic designer named Cynthia L. who works out of Ontario, Canada, a digital artist who simply goes by the name of =Kawiko (no other information was given on her DeviantART page), and finally a graffiti artist by the name of Modesto Vázquez López who lives in Huelva, Spain.

“Red Coral” by Koyamori

The first artist we have is Cynthia L. (or *koyamori on DeviantART), she is a graphic artist and traditional artist who specializes in watercolor painting. She’s most well known for her watercolor paintings rather than her graphic design work. But every watercolor painting she does has light and mystical feel to it. With well over 600 devinations submitted on her DevinatART her work is sure to give you some inspiration. Whether she inspirers you to pick up water coloring, or she gives you a fresh idea of color harmonies her work will not disappoint.

Check out her DeviantART and store pages!

DeviantART Site —> *Koyamori
Koyamori’s Store —> Buy Her Watercolors

“Hunter” by =Kawiko

A relatively new and quickly gain popularity artist on DeviantART goes by the name of =Kawiko. She signature style has quickly labeled her as one of the more popular commissioned artists on DevinantART. She doesn’t have much information available about her personal life or professional career available to the public but her birthday is February 5th! Her style is very specific. Even when she isn’t sporting her “glitchy” signature style you can still very easily tell that she has a definite style to the way she creates her art.

Check out her DeviantART page!

DevinatART Site —> =Kawiko

“pure131-191” by ~MVLopez

And last but certainly not least is the very talented Modesto Vázquez López. He is a gifted graffiti artist who lives in Huvela, Spain but originates from Barcelona. He is an accomplished artist who has done many commercial works and hosted many exhibits for his work. He works with many different mediums to define his style constantly. His work will delight the eye and inspire amazing color combinations, and even if you aren’t able to read the graffiti you can still appreciate the hypnotizing motion of the characters.

Check out his DeviantART and Personal Portfolio Sites!

DeviantART Site —> ~MVLopez
Personal Portfolio —> Pure131


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