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Color Psychology for Designers

Color theory is an important subject for Graphic Designers to understand and use effectively. Successful designers can utilize their knowledge of color theory and color psychology to maximize the design’s impact on the public. Because the skilled designers knows the slightest difference between hues of a color could make or break a design.

Some interesting psychology facts about color:

  • Yellow can cause nausea, so it is avoided in airplanes
  • When blue is used in gyms, weightlifters often are able to lift more than usual
  • Shops often use yellow tinted lighten to promotes a healthier glow in your skin and make you unconsciously think the clothing is making you look better
  • Red is often avoided in stores beacuse of it’s ability to raise blood pressure
  • Meat is sprayed with oxygen before wrapping to increase the Redness of the meat, to appear fresher
  • Green is the easiest color on the eye and often can lead to improved concentration
  • The combination of Red and Yellow produces a hunger effect in humans, orange works the same as the combination

With all that said, and with the help of RIPT’s extremely helpful guide to color, let’s dive deeper into color psychology.

Psychology of Color: A Color Selection Guide for Designers


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