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The Tale of the Matador

Schreiner University in Florence

It would be easy to say that Italy wasn’t what I originally thought it would be, but somehow, that statement does not fully capture the sincere awe I felt upon first entering the city. From the moment our plane first touched the ground, this terracotta sanctum immediately captured my heart and left me standing with gelato dreams.

I would imagine that every traveler shares those moments of complete connection with a foreign place. When both they and the city become more intimately connected, when they become more than acquaintances and slowly become closer friends.

For me, the ice was broken not through an historical awakening or divine admiration, but through a little story I like to call:


The Tale of the Matador

Sleep seemed to be a distant relative to me; someone who never called and rarely dropped by. I’d begun to develop darker circles under my eyes and…

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