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Monteriggioni and the Medieval Festival

Schreiner University in Florence

By: Eloy Rico
During the weekend of the group Rome trip, a few of us who decided not to go, Karli Fischer, Blake Brougher, Michael Marchan, Kaitlyn Scott, and myself, had planned on going to Monteriggioni for a medieval festival that annually occurs there. I had been researching this festival before actually coming to Italy so I was planning on going already, but it was a relief when a few more students jumped on the band wagon when I told them about it; I’m not sure how I would have felt going by my lonesome.
So we started planning out day trip over to Monteriggioni. We first decided to go on the last day of the event, Sunday, which in retrospect, I’m not sure was the best idea, but everything went pretty well either way. I found one of the only ticket places for the event in Florence, as they…

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