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Tech Logic Comparisons: iPhone vs. Android

Tech Logic presents: Technology Comparisons

Operating Systems: iPhone vs. Android

By: Alyssa Gimarc

iPhone vs. Android

The war between the phones is a big doozy in the technology world this year. The big question that every phone user is wondering when looking for a new phone is ‘should I get an android or an iphone?’. I sit here at night looking at my little iphone wishing I had a bigger screen like my old HTC,but then on the other hand I would miss the fast responsive and sir on my iPhone. So my attempt to have both a big screen and also a fast responsive operating system is at a continuing battle and debate between the battling smartphone: Android and the iPhone.





This is a blog page called Oh My Tech :and it is basically my feeling towards the situation wrapped up in someone else’s words.


The apps on the iphones download so much faster and are more advisable. it too Androids months to download instagram and vine.The plus with the apple products is that they have the big named apps advisable first.



Android may not have all the latest apps first but it has awesome flexibility. It allows different types of internet to run like , firefox,opera,chrome and it has capability that iSO docent have.



When looking for a smart phone that is small and portable but still stylish then an iphone is the way togo. it is smaller then almost any high marked Android phones, but there is also a rumor going around that they are going to make a bigger iphone with a wider screen then the iphone 5.


Android: Sharing data

This is always over looked but an Android is a system wide sharing device you can share apps,text,photos,links all b just the tap on the screen. This is something that the iPhone has yet come up with.


I’ve gone from a flip phone, the a long line of androids to my very first iPhone, and honestly I cant choose which one is better. They all have there pros and cons but in the end i’m guessing i’m an iPhone gal. Well until the day they create a Android I just cannot resist, and i must say that water proof anything proof android is looking pretty good to me right now.I don’t know about all of y’all but i’m going to pray to the phone gods to create a phone that has all the good qualities of the iphone and the Android into one high tech awesome phone that is literally anything proof. Who knows maybe by 2014 they will start to design a phone by the gods of technology.


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