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Tech Logic Comparisons: Nikon Cameras

Tech Logic presents: Technology Comparisons

Cameras: Nikon D3200 vs. D5200

Nikon D5200

By: Samantha Meyer

When shopping for DSLR cameras, what do you look for first, the price? If so, you may be a college student. Shopping for a camera on a budget can be difficult, and I’m here to help ease your decision a little.

When comparing cameras, most students look to Nikon, and there are two cameras that students have been debating over for a year now.

The Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D5200 are very similar cameras with a price difference of $100 (Let’s say, the cost of an Art History Textbook). So here’s a quick run down of pros and cons (thanks to

Comparison-ChartWhat does all of this mean?

For that $100 you’d save on the D3200, you could buy a zoom lens. and both cameras are very similar, though the image quality is only slightly better with the D5200.

If you plan to do some minimal photography work outside of school, go with the D3200 or later model (i.e. D3100). If you plan to go into photography for a store or small company, buy a D5200 or even a better, newer model (i.e. D7100).



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