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Ill-Literacy: Haru Hana

Haru Hana by Kazumi Yuana

A manga read by D

Rating – 5/10

A romantic comedy about how a strange girl is forced into working at a massage therapy shop with two random guys. Here she discovers how and why they started this bizzar business, Haru has a special gift that allows for him to heal weak and injured people. Problem is, Hana gets hives every time she touches a guy. But random sub plot aside, Hana discovers that one of the men that she works with has a problem, he has lost all of his childhood memories. It is up to Hana and her friends to help him discover the hidden past.

At first this story just came out as a little weird, but as the story progressed, I discovered that it contains a sense of warmth. I enjoy the story, it had a bunch of random sporadic romance with a heart warming tale of how these friends over come obstacles to help each other out. So thats that.


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