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Musically Inclined: The Coffee House

Here at Schreiner University there is usually some type of musical performance going on around campus. Between our multiple choirs, jazz band and events which show case different music, there is hardly ever a week that goes by without some form of music on campus. 


Last night CJ Rodrigue and I went to The Coffee House, which is put on by Kathleen Hudson. This event occurs the first Wednesday of every month, there is always a main band and then the band is followed up by open mic. People are encourage to sing, play or even read poetry. During last night’s Coffee House the main band was “The Sideshow Tragedy”  which could be described as an alternative rock band. The lead singer and guitarist had great stage presence which made you feel like you were at a real rock concert. His unique way of playing his electric guitar echoed throughout the CCAC. The drummer was equally as up-beat and energetic as his band-mate, frequently whipping his long hair back and forth. Professor Hudson first heard this young, duo, rock band at South by Southwest where she pleaded with them to perform at Schreiner. Last night was not the first time that “The Sideshow Tragedy” played at the Coffee House. It was extremely impressive how many students and locals were drawn to theLion’s Den last night for the music. To us that was a sure indication that music is extremely important to the college students as well as the community of Kerrville. Through Professor Hudson and Texas Heritage Music it really encourages students to be creative and express their hidden talents.                                                  


  However, the Coffee House is not just for young performers to get the chance to take the stage, we feel it necessary to mention that one of the last acts was an elderly gentleman who went by the simple name of Bill. With nothing but his voice and guitar, Bill changed the mood from rock to melodious folk music. From his Irish folksongs to the witty comments in-between songs, Bill had the crowd enjoying every minute. 

 If you have gone to the Coffee House what other types of music would you like to hear on those Wednesday nights? However, if you have yet to experience this music-filled night, we strongly suggest that you do. 

 If you are interested in performing at the Coffee House you can contact Kathleen Hudson.

By: CJ Rodrigue and Ali Frater


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