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Tech Logic: Purchasing: To Buy or Not To Buy

To buy or Not to buy that is the question.

Sony Smart watch 2

Just imagine not having to carry around a pesky phone anymore, not worrying about misplacing it or even leaving it in a taxi. September 2013, this month Sony smart watch 2, now this is  phone that goes on your wrist,it is 1.6 inches and it allows you to read text messages, answer phone calls,and it has a Bluetooth 3.0, and apparently has a battery life hat can last four days!.we will see about that. Now those are all the pros of this phone and the cons? Well, lets just say that you don’t own a blue tooth head piece that means if you need to answer the call you will have to hold that watch up to your ear, and that means looking like an idiot anywhere you go. Answering text messages, now come on just imagine how tiny that key board will be.


There are a few good reasons to get this and then some reasons to not get it, and the price is somewhat reasonable, cause i mean it is basically a phone on your wrist, that are listed at about $100. So in my case to the buy or not buy thought, is that i would not buy this device I find it ridiculous and  a waste of money, I enjoy using my phone, not having a watch and a phone that basically do the same thing.


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