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Ill-Literacy: Personal Favorites – HOMESTUCK

One of the most popular web comics at the moment is Homestuck, and there is a good reason why. Andrew Hussie, the creator of Homestuck, seems to use almost every genre inside this web comic. Name one, it is most likely in there: Romance, Horror, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy and so on and so forth. But you might think, “Wait a minute he uses all the genres? That sounds like it could be a mess and not really work.” That is one of the beauties behind Homestuck. At first it seems intimidating and a little bit chaotic but Hussie has a gift, I don’t know why, maybe just good organizational skills. Another thing that might potentially scare a new reader would be the length right now at about 6,239 pages and still going. Look at the bright side of that though, more time with your favorite characters and less time resorting to iffy fan-fiction, or at least not for a while.

Overall I would totally give it a rating of 10/10, anything less wouldn’t be doing it justice.

Let’s do a short synopsis – It starts out with this kid named John and he really wants to play this video game with his friends and it is all about how this game pretty much affects the lives of he and his friends or to the world in general really. They go on this epic adventure together trying to ignore internet trolls and discover things like aliens and time travel. I don’t really want to give anything away so I am going to end it there.

Potential warning – Hussie starts out Homestuck with more of a comedic feel which I know that some people love throughout the first couple acts such as some of my friends but personally I didn’t really like them, so it started out pretty dry to me. This caused me to actually stop reading it for a couple of years which didn’t allow me to get to the good stuff. Like I said earlier there are so many different genres present that you are bound to like it even if you don’t really find the beginning interesting. If you are going to give it a shot, then you might as well push through and be sure that you don’t like it before giving up. Also Hussie is a tease. Just saying.

Want to give it a shot or just bored? Here you go –

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