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Musically Inclined: Music Psychology

It is no secret that music affects the mood of the listener. It is also a known fact that the mood of the listener will affect the choice of music he or she decides to listen to. When it comes to down to it, the person could be going through a tough time. Certain songs may not be appealing to this person due to their current conditions. A few weeks later, maybe a month later however the person might fall in love with the song, all because their situation or mood had changed. For instance after a break up you are not going to want to listen to a love song, but rather listen to a Taylor Swift revenge song. However, after sometime and you are once again in a relationship  your preferences with have flipped. Every song has a mood or a theme and depending upon our emotion at the time with affect what type of music we decide to listen to. 


      Now lets talk about the influences music has on a person. Music influences deep into the mind of a listener. Just hearing the high tempo of a party song or the slow deep voice of Johnny Cash can manipulate our emotions drastically. They can either raise our spirits or tear them down, all kinds of music bring up some deep emotions within. Some examples of this would be, when you are in a club listening to pop or techno music it usually causes you feel upbeat and happy while if you are at a symphony concert those classical pieces will more than likely cause you to feel reflective and calm. 

I love my music cartoon 

      How does music affect your moods? What kind of music do you listen to when you are sad, happy, or feeling crazy?

 -CJ Rodrigue and Ali Frater


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