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WHAT’S THE STORY? Pendulum Flares and Celtic Gods

1st FlareThe pendulum swings, magic erupts then falls as        technology reigns again. In Magic Burns, Ilona Andrews, takes you to face the Fomorians, Bran, Morfran, and Morrigan in a great Celtic battle.

Every seven years the swing to magic leads to a flare; a flare causes magic to flood the world for seven hours, allowing gateways to open and Gods to walk the Earth. Will the Fomorians of the sea defeat the defenders, Kate and her were-colleagues? Will Atlanta burn in the battle for Morrigan’s cauldron?

Monday Night Fiction

 Author David Liss, will be here on the Schreiner Campus, Monday, September 23, to discuss his book The Coffee Trader. For those of you not familiar with the book; it is set in 1659, and follows one man through the trials of life/money/family/religion and how coffee changed, if not the whole world, then at least his.

Article and Image by: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


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I am a 43 year old mother of 7 and grandmother of 3. I love art, reading, and kids. I enrolled in college at age 42 and decided to take 2 majors (English and Graphic Design). My kids range in age from 26 - 6 so they keep me very active (and hopefully modernish).

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