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Tech Logic: What’s New? The iPhone 5c


Tech Logic Presents: The iPhone 5c

Apple seems inclined to unveil a new product each year, maybe to keep their customer base fresh? Their newest iPhone 5c has been turning heads the past few weeks.

Some of the new features include:

1. A new A6 chip for longer battery life. (No more running to a charger at the 2% mark!)

2. 13 Bands of LTE wireless for faster browsing and download speeds. (More than any other smartphone on the market.)

3. A new camera application for HD photos and videos, new filters you can apply before taking a shot, and square photo taking. (Perfect for you Instagram fans out there!)

4. An HD Facetime camera for chatting in high quality. (Say hello to your friends in Europe!)

5. The long awaited iOS7 platform for Apple devices, with a new look, better navigation, new colors, and easier use.


6. (THE BIG ONE.) COLOR!!! Yes, the ‘c’ in 5c stands for color. The new iPhone 5c comes in 5 new colors, Light Blue, Yellow, Bright Green, Pink/Coral, and White. They accomplished the colors with a new plastic surrounding that covers reinforced steel.

7. Colorful cases available in 6 colors, Light Blue, Yellow, Bright Green, Pink/Coral, White, and Black. The fun design allows you to mix and match the color of your phone and case.

If you’d like to check out more of the features, or mix n’ match your own iPhone 5c colors, you can go to

mix n match 4 Mix n match two Mix n' match


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