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This week on review our (forcibly chosen) topic is tragedy. So I got a good one fer ya.


Control Alt Delete (insert fanfare here)

Control Alt Delete is a webcomic that didn’t start out as a tragedy but turned into one at the very end of the comic. It is primarily a video game comic starring two nerds by the name of ethan and lucas who go through a series of adventures that start out as silly single joke comics and evolve into longer and longer story arcs as the characters take on a personality.

The site which includes blog posts and video game reviews is so popular it made enough money that the artist quit his job to focus solely on making the comic. Unfortunately for the characters (but fortunate for me as i get to utilize this comic as a tragedy) the artist got tired of drawing his characters and decided to kill the main character off repeatedly in this fun and silly comic and thus end the series abruptly, tragically, and quite violently. I will be describing the tragedy portion in this post.

Ethan goes into his basement to gather some materials he had been working on and leaves a pile of pancakes to “appease the monsters” he believes are present in the basement. The butter of which slips into the feed of his dairy powered time machine (which he never got to function) and opens a vortex into the future where his future self has accidentally destroyed the world with his sapient xbox which had overthrown the world. His future self kidnaps him and takes him to the future to show him the destruction they have wrought. He says he is going to send him back but an xbot patrol happens by and past ethan falls into a trap while trying to evade them. He is kidnapped by the human resistance and they plan to torture him for information on the xbots. He escapes but they follow him to the time machine where future ethan is planning to take his place in the past. They fight which gets future ethan shot in the head but one of the stray bullets hits the machine which causes a vortex that would end both realties. So past ethan has to sacrifice himself to save both universes and he never gets to see his family or wife again. As you can probably surmise this comic was quite silly and had no hint whatsoever of what was to happen to ethan in the end as the artist got tired of drawing them and simply wanted to end the series as quickly as he could.

I like this comic up until the ending where the tragic ending makes me feel sad inside as I had followed this comic for eyars, other than that I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of video games or quasi sic fi. Nowadays the comic just posts silly and sometimes violent mini episodes of random new characters who every time I look at I just think “they killed off ethan for this?”

but enough venting go read the comic.

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