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Musically Inclined: Changes in Our Main Stream Music

As culture, morals, and centuries change so does our music. The most popular music is considered the main stream music. Back in the 70’s, the main stream music was mostly pop-rock. However, now the most popular music is shared between pop and techno. With our technological advances we are able to drastically alter the sound of our music, an element usually used when mixing pop or techno. This type of upbeat “party” music is the music of the generation due to its energetic aspect.

Main stream music is defined as; “Mainstream music denotes music that is familiar to the masses, as for example popular music, pop music, middle of the road music, pop rap or pop rock.” When I was a pre-teen or even a teenager, the mainstream music back then was your typical, pure pop music, like Britney Spears, the Back Street Boys and Christina Aguilera. But now that we have more opportunities to change the sound of the originally recorded track, the pop music is more electronic sounding. So not only does our mainstream music change as our culture changes but even the sound of our music changes as we make more technological breakthroughs.

This can be viewed as a negative or positive thing, positive aspect of it is that it allows us to diversify our music more; negative aspect, is that now it really does not take too much talent to sing a song that is just going to be manipulated to sound almost like an old dial up computer. A really great example of how much our main stream music has changed here are two links to videos of Britney Spears, first one is from the early 2000’s where it is a pure pop sound, the second one is from recent years and as you can hear her voice is very altered from the editing software they have in the studio.

What do you think of our changes in main stream music? Do you prefer the purer spend or the more modernized techno pop sound we have today?

-Ali Frater and CJ Rodrigue


One comment on “Musically Inclined: Changes in Our Main Stream Music

  1. schreinerdesigner

    Please, no more techno pop, electronic enhanced voices!!!

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