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Ill-Literacy: Fairy Tales – The Earl & the Fairy

This Week: Fairy Tales – “The Earl & the Fairy”

One of my favorite fairytale based manga is “The Earl & the Fairy,” story and art by Ayuko and original concept by Mizue Tani. It is one of the newer manga series that I have been reading. It is a beautiful story that takes place in 18th century London and involves fairies of many different forms, mermaids, bogeymen, and many other mythical creatures. This manga’s art is also quite clean and the valuing used in the panels efficiently expresses the mood of the story’s plot. Sometimes the screen toning is so effective, the art is given a magical glow.

Another thing I enjoy is the unique characters. First there are the two main characters, Lydia Carlton, one of the last fairy doctors in the world, and Edgar Ashenbert, a young earl who wants to become the lost Blue Knight Earl in order to help those close to him. Both these characters are pretty amazing. They both contain character flaws but they find ways to overcome their struggles. Then there is Raven, a quiet servant with a dark past who would do anything to protect his best friend, and Nico, a fairy in the form of a cat who always stands by Lydia’s side. Together, these four amazing people work together to protect the innocent from the corrupt and evil.

In this story, Lydia is pulled into a dangerous world of magic, mythical creatures, adventure, intrigue, and beauty, when she is kidnapped by a man due to her unique powers in communicating with the fairy world. Soon her life entwines with the adventurous life of the young earl, Edgar Ashenbert. When the story progresses, Lydia discovers that she must help Edgar accomplish his goal of finding the lost sword of the Blue Knight Earl, so he can gain the power to save those he loves. Throughout there rigorous journey, they encounter many dangerous enemies and discover their own potential to save those most precious to them.

I love this story, and maybe it is just because I am obsessed over any fantasy story, but I still greatly recommend it. The character designs and backgrounds, along with the beautiful art and epic story make this manga a great read.



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