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Well hello faithful (read: non existent) readers and welcome back to another episode of Ill-Literacy, anyways this weeks topic just happens to be fairy tales and as such i have pulled one from my extensive (pathetically so) archive of web comics and boy do i have a treat for you its “Winters in lavelle.” Winters in Lavelle is about a boy and girl who’s parents  have already traveled to some strange and mysterious hackneyed plot point where they already have a past there, as when they were kids they saved the whole dang place or something. Anyways the dad has some big complex about going back there and he forbids the wife to talk about it to the kids or really ever bring it up again (if that was my mom she wouldn’t have listened). So anyways the kids go there accidentally in a way thats never fully explained and thats when the comics starts to get better. In their world when the sap of a tree hardens it forms what they call sun stones which can be used for magic when the stone absorbs light from the sun, but only during the day because without sun light you cant do squat.

Anyways you can only get sun stones from trees that have been dead for a long time but the two protagonists are wandering around in the forest and they get separated and both individually touch some really big trees that are still alive and mysteriously get sun stones that fuse with the flesh of their wrist and neck respectively (which fuzation and living tree sun stones should be impossible and as such the stones are really powerful). They meet this half dragon dude and boring talking plot happens for a while before they get attacked by dudes during the night and Surprise!! dragon dude has a perviously unexplained moon stone (a pearl that pulls power from the light of the moon) thats inmbeded in his forearm he beats the bad dudes and in doing such reveals that he is royalty on the run to the town folks who forcibly take him back to the castle as they are happy to have royalty as far away from them as they can get (in Laville royalty be cracy half dragon people). now their all separated and half dragon dude is in trouble of getting killed in the palace as he is in line for the throne and the kids aren’t plotting to go and get him (which is interesting). so thats the plot of this comic, its more interesting than some but not as good as others.

i like this comic because the main characters aren’t ultra super powered or really brave their just kids running from their problems. they have no grasp of their powers and yet people are still hunting them for their really rare and expensive stones. this comic is still in its infancy and as such i have no idea how it will turn out but i do recommend reading it if you are having a slow day or you just feel like reading a fairy tale comic.

anyways if i didn’t have assigned topics the comic i would told you to read would definitely be Goblins Comic. go read it, go read that good stuff…

and in other news my partners are also updating today and if you want to you can go and read their posts as well, their topic is also fairy tales i don’t know what they are going to be talking about but it cant be worse than reading twilight so give their posts a chance too… or not it really doesn’t matter to me as toy already read my post and as such i have accomplished my set upon task and my soul may now rest in peace.

see ya



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