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Musically Inclined: Evolution in Genres


Changing is a part of life. Everything in life evolves and changes, this is no different in the music industry. Overtime music has grown and changed into what we know today. Each genre has its own distinct style and form. But what we hear today isn’t always what has been heard. Is it? If you think back in the days of H. Rap Brown or The Memphis Jug Band, you can see how rap music has evolved over time. These two iconic early rap bands were what rap used to be about, fast speaking and a full band that was supposed to spark revolution and be hip. As the rap genre changed, we began to see it turn in the 1990’s to being about hardships. Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G are the epitome of this change. Rap went from being about poetry and revolution to gangsters and the streets. Now a days we see rappers and view them as musicianswho only sing about money, sex, and drugs.

We can see the same kinds of change in other types of genres. Country music started with nothing but a guitar and voice, singing about pain and loss. Even though some Country musicians will refer back to their roots and break out that guitar and keep it simple, when you ask many people of the younger generation what they think of country music, Taylor Swift is bound to come up. I would consider her a pop singer, but she is in the country genre. Taylor Swift is very different than a simple guitar and voice, she is many beats and catchy lyrics.

One more genre I would like to cover is Rock. Rock first became popular with Elvis Presley, and then morphed into a symbol of rebellion. Moving from Elvis to Pink Floyd and Aerosmith. Rock became the voice of a nation crying out for freedom and change. Rock then became something more raw and ragged. With bands now like Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Three Days Grace, Rock has gotten a lot more deep. Rock has now become a symbol of hope and a voice of difference.


All in all Music has changed and will continue to change throughout the years.


What do you think of the points made?

How do you feel about the changes in music? Do you like it or no?

By CJ Rodrigue and Ali Frater


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