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Ill-Literac-noooooooooo Romantically Apocalyptic takes first billing!!!!… anyways Ill-Literacy everyone *claps*


Raaaablaaaaa asdfasdewiogjaskdasdf *ahem* (had something caught in my throat) Lets try that again. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Gasp* hhhhhhh-uh Science Fiction Motha Hubbards!

As you can probably tell, this week’s topic just happens to be science fiction, which is a topic I actually want to write on. Yeah I admit it all my other posts were poo, NO! Less than poo!!!! They were… sub-poo… yeah… anyways the comic i am going to be reviewing is the Resplendent, serendipitous, and some other third thesaurus synonym of a comic is *trumpets blare, fanfare, confetti, babies explode in a violent gory spray* ROMANTICALLY APOCALYPTIC *more trumpets.*

Romantically apocalyptic is a web comic like no other, it is a science fiction story set in the apocalyptic wasteland of the world with three main protagonists all of whom are insane (also there is no real romance involved which is a plus.)

There is the captain, a horrendously radioactive, seemingly invincible, toter of an ever full malignant sapient coffee mug

Pilot, who was charged with the creation/discovery of a flying machine, his mission has been completed with the discovery of a rotting boat hull which when attached to thousands of red balloons is now a viable aircraft.

And snippy the only normal one of the group. Is often the butt of captains often convoluted plans which he never understands but never fail to work. Lately he has been possessed by the sapient biomass and briefly transported thousands of years into the future. Also his current mission is to end the nuclear winter with a trowel.

These three protagonists travel the wastes in search of food and shelter while escaping and fighting the various local fauna and flora that have been mutated by the ever-present radiation.

Other reoccurring characters include the sapient bio mass, aliens, giant man eating worms, and Mr Kitty Hawk the evil inanimate puffin doll.

I love this comic, the artwork is so awesome it causes my very fingers to weep in shame for ever daring to utilize photoshop, the same program this comic is created on (its really gross and i have to wear gloves or my keyboard gets all wet),

not only that but the plot is so wonderfully convoluted that you never know what is going to happen next: they strap rocket engines to a subway car… and captain has to drink several hundred gallons of lemonade through his red straw.

Anyways, I cannot stress this enough, go read this comic go read it… now… What are you waiting for why are you still here… Oh you want to know about the comic itself well the posts are gigantic and the comic has been going for years they even have music videos starring the captain walking around Chernobyl singing about the future…

Go read that stuff, just go read it. People dress up as the captain at conventions and people recognize them… Just go already.

Also if you like silly stuff go check out Doctor McNinja. Its gud.


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