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Musically Inclined: The Texas Heritage Music Festival

Schreiner University hosts the annual Texas Heritage Music Festival here on campus at the pavilion. This past festival occurred on Friday, September the 27th, and regardless of the weather the turn out was even better this year than last year’s. The majority of the participants at the festival were elementary grade students from schools around Kerrville. A lot of the activities at the festival were geared towards a younger generation, so this turn out was obviously expected. Some of the things the children got to experience was; banging a native-american drum, being able to pet a camel, doing a chant with and Indian and etc.. It was a very loud and music-filled event with the purpose of sharing the heritage of Texas music as well as sharing the gift of music and singing with others.






Off of that note; I, Ali Frater, was given the opportunity to perform at the Texas Heritage Music Festival with the rest of the Schreiner University Choir. We performed mostly older songs which fit in with the festival atmosphere. After the choir as a whole performed, we had a few solo performances that really showed just how talented our choir can be even as individuals. Being able to perform at the festival is always a treat and it allows the community to see the development of the choirs on campus. It also gives us as the choir the chance to participate in a really great and educational event. The Texas Heritage Music Festival, just like the Coffee House is mostly put on by Ms. Kathleen Hudson.  -Ali Frater and CJ Rodrigue_MG_3035_MG_3038 _MG_3040


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