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WHAT’S THE STORY? What’s scary about Hinduism?

RakashaIn Magic Strikes, Ilona Andrews describes life after the flare.  With Morrigan safely back in the mist and the Fomorians defeated, Kate Daniels goes about every day life working for the order. After a day of fighting magical creatures and pining after apple pie she gets called to one last job for the day. What starts as a shape-shifter murder quickly escalates into an investigation into the illegal/underground fighting tournament called the Midnight Games.

When Kate’s werewolf friend goes missing, the gets found with molten silver poured all over his body, she fears the worst. Luckily shape-shifters heal at an extremely accelerated rate thank to Lyc-V. There is one problem, Derek can’t shift, which means he can’t heal. Kate, once again forced to work closely with the Beast Lord, Curran, and her other shape-shifter associates to find out who attacked Derek, and why.  All they know is a team in the games called the Reapers is involved.

Kate forms a team to find out who/what the Reapers are, but they stumble on to something much more complicated than they first expected. As they fight to save their friends lives, they discover a foe that will change the lives of these shape-shifters forever.

The Rakshasas of Hindu myth, are born warriors; but ruled by their arrogance and impulse. Conceived and born in a single day; they are a type of shape-shifter that doesn’t balk at eating human flesh. Without their “human” form these 4 armed creatures are terrifying.

Will Kate find a way to save her friend and protect shape-shifters everywhere? Or are the shape-shifters doomed to face their worst fears?

By: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


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I am a 43 year old mother of 7 and grandmother of 3. I love art, reading, and kids. I enrolled in college at age 42 and decided to take 2 majors (English and Graphic Design). My kids range in age from 26 - 6 so they keep me very active (and hopefully modernish).

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