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ill-Literacy: AzuManga Daiho


This weeks topic is comedy!

I give the short comedy series an 8/10

If you used to read Sunday morning newspaper comics then the way this manga is set up shouldn’t be too foreign to you. When I first picked up this manga it was the first one to be set up in this format. I’m so used to reading regular manga I was confused on which way to read it but it didn’t take me long to figure out which way made since.

 It looks pretty explanatory but in the book the pages have a few strips on a page and I just wasn’t sure if you were supposed to read it up and down or right to left.

Now with the story, like most comedies, there really isn’t one present. It is really just about a high school and a bunch of students and a few teachers and just what they talk about and what they do. But it is really light and if you are anything like me you’ll find yourself cracking up at points.

I recommend it to people who like a light read and don’t have to be too committed while also looking for a laugh.

Brought to you by – Natalia


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