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Tech Logic: Fiction, or Future Tech?

This week Tech Logic presents: Fictional, or future tech?

We discuss technologies that have been in movies or books, and whether we think it will be possible in the near future.



The technology I’m about to describe is from the first book of Scott Westerfeld’s saga, The Uglies. The time period is in the future where the city controls everything. Teenagers receive a surgery that makes them beautiful when they come of age, and in order to be popular they interact with social technology sites and share videos, the more views, the more popular you are and the nicer the place you live in. Every day is a party and work isn’t heard of. Everyone is constantly upgrading their appearance. This is all a part of a greater conspiracy of course.

To keep track of all the the bubbly pretty teenagers, and everyone else for that matter, the city allots an interface ring to each person. Tally is a teenage girl and main character in this story.

Tally’s interface ring is small, but is basically a tracking device that lets her interact with all the technology in her world. Such as hoverboards, floating elevators, room screens and home appliances. With the interface ring she is monitored by the city, it tracks her weight, mood, temperature, and so on. This ring can receive messages, transmit messages and keep track of conversations. With it you can control the settings in a room, like a remote control. Without it she is no one.

With this ring she can flick through screens and images on a large television or with the proper eye implants, see it all in your head (or in front of you like mini tv screens in your eyes.)


I can see these becoming a part of our future technology if the government wants to keep track of everything we do. Or if we all become part of a dictatorship. If this technology was made without tracking ability,  almost like a regular phone, then I would be all for it.

The interface ring is comparable to a blue tooth ring or the latest wrist phone that Samsung has introduced to the market.


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