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Ill-Literature: Yurara

“Yurara” by Chika Shiomi

Today, the topic is fantasy. For this topic, I will be talking about the manga “Yurara,” by Chika Shiomi. It is about a teen age girl, Yurara, who has the ability to see ghosts and because of this, she has been tormented by them since she was little. In the story, Yurara is being possessed by a spirit. Good news, the spirit doesn’t want to hurt her, instead it will protect her and help her deal with the ghosts that seem to constantly cause her trouble. Together, they begin to find ways to help these ghosts find peace with themselves and rest. Along with Yurara and her spiritual protector, are two strange guys fro her class, who can also see ghosts, Mei and Yako. Combined with their strangely unique powers(Mei can wield fire while Yako can turn water into barriers), they work together to stop wandering, lost, and aggressive ghosts.

The story is old, but I still think it is pretty good. I think it is something a little different from the normal readings. It has a lot of potential as the plot and story pick up, making the story move. I really enjoyed this story, and you probably would as well.



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