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Musically Inclined: Neglected Music

One genre of music that is typically looked past or forgotten, is classical music. When was the last time you sat down and listened to one of Beethoven’s sonatas or Mozart’s Requiem. Our most recent generations are more inclined to listen to pop, techno or rap with profanity that the younger generations find cool and fun to sing or rap along to. Personally I love country music but I still enjoy going to a symphony performance. Growing up home schooled, I had the privilege to attend San Antonio symphony concerts, once a month. It opened my ears and eyes to one of the less popular genres who no longer have most of their great composers around to showcase their music. Another reason that I was more exposed to this type of music than most people my age is because my brother is a very accomplished pianist, whose favorite pieces were usually by Mozart or Beethoven. I remember one piece he did in particular was 15 minutes long, and he practiced it at least 5 times every day. I loved listening to my brother and to have that music fill my house. It really helped me appreciate classical music.

Now everyone has heard of Mozart and knew how he was a child prodigy as well as knew how Beethoven was a deaf composer; but have they ever heard any of their pieces? Could they recognize Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” or Mozart’s extremely famous “Funeral March”. The lack of knowledge that our younger generations have of classical music is appalling. Especially when someone claims to be musically inclined or telented. We need to know where the roots of musical greatness came from. These pieces of music are more often referred to as “elevator music” but if you truly listen, it is great music that creates images and moods that most modern music is not able to. I love all genres of music due to my love for music as well as my musical education, but I strongly believe that everyone should have at least have some knowledge of classical music.


Here our some of the pieces I referred to in this post. Recognize either of them? What is your view of classical music?

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