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Musically Inclined: One Strike and You’re Out


Have you ever wanted to hear more from an artist? Have you been disappointed when you found out that the artist only had one good song? If you answered yes to these questions, than you more than likely have come across a one hit wonder. One hit wonders are songs that are produced by artists that have no other popular songs than that particular song. One hit wonder songs normally reach the top 100 billboards and give the artist success. One hit wonders leave the fans wanting more. The artist who owns the one hit wonder is normally forgotten in the history of music as the artist fails to create anymore desirable music. Who else remembers the song “Come Baby Come,” by K7? This song was extremely popular, but what happened to him? I still remember hearing some songs that I thought were wonderful. But as I dove farther into the artist, I was disappointed to say the least. I was left with the feeling of wanting more. I expected to be blow away with great songs. But all I got was empty meaningless songs that were poorly produced.

On the other hand, what about artist that were presumed to be nothing but one hit wonders and then shocked the world with great music? Macklemore, a hip-hop artist, was presumed to have nothing more than his song “Thrift Shop.” But he has shocked a lot of people with his deep, meaningful music. Sometimes an artist will sell a one hit wonder but still be successful for other music, just not known for it.

How do you feel about one hit wonders? Let us know.


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