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Tech Logic: Flash From The Past

This week on Tech Logic we take you back and give you a flash from the past with a technology from before the 21st century!

Today I present an ancient toy from the late 1990s: The Tamagotchi Pet Keychain


Tamagotchi Keychains originated in Japan in 1996 and made their way into America.

These virtual pets needed love, attention, food, water, sleep, etc. Children took them to school on backpacks, people of all ages played with this “new” technology. These toys provided entertainment and a sense of responsibility. I remember killing mine more than once. My mom reluctantly reset the toy and brought my pet back to life each time.

The Tamagotchi Pet Keychain has had 44 releases and improvements since its creation, and have evolved into the forms of pets, people, and objects. Today Tamagotchi can be found on the app stores of Android and Apple.


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