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Tech Logic: Flash to the Past

Whoa now! Look out! We are going back in time to the 80’s to look at the latest and greatest back then.  In 1980 communication was well  very unique, speaking as a typical 19 year old teenager of course. See in the 80s they couldn’t ask Siri to call someone ,no, if they wanted to talk to someone they had to go home or walk to the nearest phone booth.Ah yes that means remembering more then your family members numbers, or looking them up in a phone book or in your own personal contact list. In this type of situation consumers and Businesses were desperate for something easier. The concept of the mobile phone had been bandied about for many years, but there where limitations that stopped the research, until AT&T introduced the idea of a cellular system.Motorola launched the DynaTAC 8000x in 1983 with the dimensions of 300x44x89mm and weighing at a lovely and very light 785g. It proudly let you talk up to one hour of talk time and used an sweet LED display. This phone was the hottest thing on the market in the 80s, one would call it sleek and sexy.





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