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WHAT’S THE STORY? Plagues, Fear, and Madness: You have to love Kate’s family

Destroyed BabylonSpoiler alert!! Continuation of Magic Bleeds, by Ilona Andrews.

Okay, so Kate has quit working for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid because her boss had forbade her from helping a pack house that was under attack; by going to help the were-beings that were being slaughtered through madness, she had helped creatures that the Order considered nonhumans. Never-mind that fact that the being killing her friends was her Aunt.

Yep. You heard/read right, Kate has an Aunt Erra. Of course the histories had spoken of Erra as the god of “plagues, fear, and madness” but all indications were that he was a HE, not a she. Erra doesn’t want to be seen as a god because once a god obtains worshippers, the god is then bound by the beliefs of those who do the worshipping. In order to maintain her power, she destroys any and all who set up temples to her. She would not be bound by human constraints.

Take Babylon for instance…no, not the Babylon of 2000 B.C.E. but the one from 12000 B.C.E. When Erra passed through there she destroyed it. It was a city built with magic, and because she and her warriors destroyed it even though Roland didn’t want it touched. It is because of the destruction of Babylon that anything is known about Erra at all. They were the ones who documented on hundreds of tablets the legend of the Destroyer god Erra.

Anyway, in the past Erra came in to clear the path for Roland when he wanted to subjugate a new area, or even if he didn’t want his path cleared apparently. So if Erra is here, Roland must not be far behind. Like Roland, Erra can control blood. She can create body armor that is impenetrable and direct her seven deadly warriors to level cities, but she likes to get her hands dirty. And she really wants to get her hands dirty with Kate’s blood.

Kate with her new boyfriend Curran (yep the beast lord) will go to face Erra in an epic battle. Will Atlanta survive the coming of the Destroyer?

By: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


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I am a 43 year old mother of 7 and grandmother of 3. I love art, reading, and kids. I enrolled in college at age 42 and decided to take 2 majors (English and Graphic Design). My kids range in age from 26 - 6 so they keep me very active (and hopefully modernish).

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