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Ill-Literature: Halloween – “Pandora Hearts”

Ill-Literature: Halloween Edition

Pandora Heart

By Jun Mochizuki

For Halloween, Ill-Literature decided that we would write about illustrated literature that was either a horror or creepy. I decided to choose “Pandora Hearts,” by Jun Mochizuki. The story opens to young earl, Oz Vessalius, being condemned by two cloaked figures to the Abyss, an eternal prison of which there is no hope for escape from. His charge . . . Being born into the world. After that scene, you are brought to the present time where Oz is preparing for his coming of age ceremony. Strange events then occur, that tangle Oz and his best friend, a servant boy named Gilbert, and shortly afterwards, Gilbert sacrifices his life for his friend and Oz is then thrust into the Abyss. In the Abyss, monstrous creatures called chains come after Oz until Alice, a high ranking chain, appears. Alice helps Oz escape from the abyss, under one condition, help her retrieve her memories. So it is up to him and three other people, including a man who looks oddly familiar, to help Alice retrieve her lost memories before time runs out.

This story is very interesting. It is a little creepy, since the chains appear as living, mutated dolls. The mystery of why Oz is thrown into the Abyss also keeps you on your toes. It is a good story and I think the story’s plot has great potential.

 – D

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