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ok all y’all peeps out thar its time for a spooktacular version of Ill-literacy WOOOOOOO!!!!

aight im gon stop talking like a ganster for a moment to tell you all about this story called *dun dun dunnnn* Call of Cthulhu The Musical.


this story is about a young student who goes to a school with a mad scientist who has done a lot of work regarding eldrich horrors. there are several ppotlines happening at once such as the football team attempting to resurrect their dead coach so that they can continue winning football games or  a janitor who is the son of shubnibberoth another eldrich horror. there is also a mad scientist trying to resurrect the dead and a creepy hour full of talking heads. all of these plotlines come together wonderfully in the end with the football players resurrecting the wrong person and their ensuing deaths providing the perfect medium for the mad scientist to resurrect only to fail over and over again disposing of his mistakes through the janitor. the story is told through the eyes of a student at the school who inadvertently aids the other characters in their exploits sinking further and further into madness with every escapade.

i suggest reading this comic if you enjoy not too spooky stuff plus the music is always funny though its a shame that you have to read it and not hear it. though this comic would be confusing if you don’t know any of lovecrafts stories: such as tales of mind flayers, cuthulu, or shubnibberoth, so i you don’t know of these tales go read them online i garrenty that if you like spooky stuff they don’t disappoint.

now if you are in to “holy crud what the fudge did i just read?!?!” kind of horror i have another comic for you to read Lovecraft is missing. i couldn’t stomac this comic and quit out about a quarter of the way through because it got too creepy for me to continue.

anyways your crybaby horror movie goer,



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