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Musically Inclined: “Living Legends”



Have you ever heard of a musician that you feel like has been around for ever and you just naturally assume they are deceased? Not only do we assume this because of their long time existence in the music industry, but also their extreme success. These are what you call living legends.

George Strait- Although George Strait is in his 60s now, he is still one of the most popular country artists. When I was younger and had yet to develop a love for country music, the only country artist I had ever really heard of was George Strait. However, I always felt like people talked about him as if he was deceased. He had accomplished so much and was so respected. I was very much mistaken though, George Strait is still writing and producing music, as well as touring. He is truly the definition of a living legend.



Mick Jagger- Ever heard of the “moves like Jagger” who would have ever thought that this famed dancer and singer was still performing and even possibly dancing? As one of the Rolling Stones, he is still around and very much alive. This living legend even has songs about his iconic dance moves. It is a song by Maroon 5 called “Moves like Jagger”. It must be nice to have something like your dance moves known so well, when your first profession is actually singing.


The Beatles- This is a picture of probably one of the best-known bands. Although two of them are already dead. Two of them, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still alive. Both of them even have the occasional solo performance. But they will always be known for their group of one of the most successful bands out there. They are probably two of the most famed living legends there are.

As some of the most popular musicians from this time become older, as long as they continue a streak of success, they too will be considered “Living Legends”.


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