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WHAT’S THE STORY? European Vacation…NOT!

Dangers of Traveling at SeaIlona Andrews’ 6th book, Magic Rises, takes us out of Atlanta to the coast of the Black Sea. Of course with technology and magic fluctuating all of the time, the only way to get to Europe anymore is by boat. Yeah, a nice peaceful cruise. Right, because Kate going anywhere or doing anything is peaceful. The trip isn’t exactly a vacation though. For those of you unaware, when were-children turn into their were-form the first time, many of them become crazed animals and have to be destroyed. There is a medicine called panacea that can help them through this transformation, but it is only made in Europe, and it’s controlled by the shapeshifters there. Curran (the beast lord and Kate’s fiancé?) knows where it is made but has been unable to get any of the medicine, someone isn’t allowing him or his people access to the drug.

Enter a solution to this problem…there is a dispute going on with the shapeshifters in Europe, which they would like Curran to mediate. In exchange for the mediation which entails guarding a pregnant were that somebody wants dead, make that a lot of somebodies, Curran will be given a substantial amount of the panacea his people so desperately need. How can he refuse? So Curran along with Kate and several other shapeshifters and Saiman (a demi-god of some sort) are off to Europe to save the day…again.

So they sail off into the sunset (not really but it sounded nice); they magically pull out of the harbor and set off for Europe. But think about it, why don’t people go to Europe whenever they want? What could be stopping them? Could it be the storms at sea that sink ships or giant whirl pools that sucks ships down to the deep? My guess, I’m thinking magical sea monsters…like maybe krakens. And of course, there are probably pirates too.

So they’ve been at sea for a couple of weeks and are nearing their destination when pirates show up. But these aren’t ordinary pirates, oh no, that would be too convenient for Kate and her crew. These are were-pirates. Yep, you heard right. These guys are weredolphins, not like cute little dolphins from Sea World, they have razor sharp teeth and are ready to bite your head off, oh, and there are about twenty of them. Ding…Ding…Round One. Wait ‘til they get to Europe.

By: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


About atrobinson2013

I am a 43 year old mother of 7 and grandmother of 3. I love art, reading, and kids. I enrolled in college at age 42 and decided to take 2 majors (English and Graphic Design). My kids range in age from 26 - 6 so they keep me very active (and hopefully modernish).

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