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Musically Inclined: Religious Music



Do you believe in a higher power? I know that the artists I’m about to talk about sure do. This week the topic is religious music. More distinctly, Christian music. The most popular and most known Christian music is Gospel or Worship music. Amazing grace is a great showcase of the popularity of worship music. But what about those that are looking for a more contemporary vibe? Or those who are into rap? Well just sit tight and I’ll drop some Christian music knowledge on you.

Christian Music has just as much range as normal music that you hear on the radio. Alternative Christian music is very popular in the Christian music industry. The most popular alternative Christian artist is TobyMac. TobyMac makes fun beats and catchy choruses. Christian Rock is also starting to gain popularity and make a voice for itself. Jeremy Camp is a Christian music artist that is featured in the Rock category. Camp makes a more mellow rock tone, but still has those moments of convection in which he breaks it down. For those looking for a more hardcore style, bands like Memphis May Fire, and War of Ages are perfect for you. Memphis May Fire is the nitty gritty type of raw Christians that will be truthful with you no matter what. With the combination of screaming and singer vocals, Memphis May Fire has a great sound. War of Ages is a little more hardcore. Purely screaming vocals War of Ages makes Christian music lovers band their heads in rock harmony. As for Christian Rap, my extensive knowledge about this subject is very broad. So I’ll stick to a few popular names. The most popular Name in Christian Rap is Lecrae. Though Lecrae isn’t my favorite and I don’t normally listen to his music, fans adore him. He has a more mainstream flow to his music. If you’re looking for a group that is more “street” like, The group deepspace 5 might be what you’re looking for. Their deep passionate lyrics combined with turntables make a great connection to our hearts.

Do you have a favorite Christian Music artist? Let us know.



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